Energy Technology

Engie agrees to construct a 39MW power plant in Belgium

Covestro, a polymer maker, has concluded a PPA with Engie, which will see wind energy reach nearly half of Engie’s potential power demand in Belgium. From April 1, 2021, the energy supplier plans to supply about 45 percent of Covestro’s electricity demand in Antwerp with 15 wind turbines in 4 newly-constructed onshore wind facilities, all of which are part of the Conquest4Wind P5 alliance.

Covestro’s carbon impact in Belgium is reduced by over 38,500 metric tons of CO2, which is comparable to the pollution of about 20,000 vehicles a year, thanks to the 39MW deal, which provides electricity to around 30,000 private households and cuts Covestro’s carbon impact by over 38,500 metric tons of CO2. Covestro has set a goal of halving its real carbon dioxide pollution by 2025 relative to 2005, with windpower responsible for the bulk of the remaining capacity. “The latest supply arrangement is a landmark in the transfer of our output to the usage of sustainable energy,” said Georg Wagner, managing director of Covestro in Antwerp.

Wind energy, along with the usage of renewable raw materials and advanced recycling methods, is a critical component of our vision of being entirely circular and meeting the European Green Deal’s climate targets. “We are delighted to have found a partner in Engie to help us take this next move in assisting our consumers and value chains in producing more sustainably.” Vincent Verbeke, Engie’s leader of global energy management in Belgium, stated: “Engie, Belgium’s biggest clean energy producer, works to hasten the move to a carbon-free environment by assisting its clients in achieving their sustainability targets.

“We are honored to assist Covestro in achieving their sustainability targets and facilitating their use of onshore wind resources.” This deal further demonstrates Engie’s deep desire to accelerate the growth of green energy in Belgium.” Covestro has also concluded a large industrial consumer supply deal with Orsted, which would meet a substantial portion of the German sites’ energy needs over the next ten years, beginning in 2025. Antwerp would be the first Covestro manufacturing site to be operated almost entirely by wind energy, thanks to the new deal with Engie.

Engie SA, based in La Défense, Courbevoie, is a French international electric utility corporation that works in the fields of energy transformation, power generation and delivery, natural gas, nuclear, sustainable energy, as well as petroleum. It is among the few businesses in the industry that has established experience in both upstream (engineering, buying, logistics, and maintenance) and downstream (waste control, dismantling) practices. The group, which was created on July 22, 2008, when Gaz de France and Suez merged, can trace its roots back to the Universal Suez Canal Company, which was established in 1858 to create the Suez Canal.

ENGIE hires 158,505 employees globally and generates €60.6 billion in turnover as of 2018. ENGIE is a part of the CAC 40 and BEL20 indexes and is quoted on the Euronext markets in Paris and Brussels. Isabelle Kocher led ENGIE from 2016 to 2020, transforming the firm significantly since then, most noticeably by agreeing to abandon coal operations and investing heavily in clean energy and energy transformation services. ENGIE’s Board of Directors adopted its mission plan at its General Meeting on May 14, 2020, which is “to work to facilitate the shift to a carbon-neutral economy, by decreased energy demand and further environmentally sustainable solutions.”