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Presque Isle State Park electric vehicle charging stations to start functioning in May

Those touring Presque Isle State Park will soon start using charging services to charge their electric vehicles. The charging sites will be situated at three park locations. At the start of May, motorists would charge their cars from two different charging stations. One would be at Presque Isle State Park’s Beach 8 and marina and Tom Ridge Environmental Centre in Millcreek Township.

The charging park would be among other 29 parks that began offering electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle charging services. The creation of those stations is part of a state Department of Conservation and Environmental Resources strategy to help curb greenhouse gas production, reduce smog, and improve air quality across the nation.

The strategy would help in the long-term effect, especially in vindicating climatic changes. As stated by Matt Greene, who is Presque Isle Park operations Manager, Pennsylvania has 121 state parks that provide a network of charging parks within 25 miles of range.

Setting up those electric and hybrid vehicle charging parks would help the nation to a larger extend in that many people would be attracted to buy EVs as a way of protecting our planet by going green. Charging parks would also reduce the number of those waiting to charge their vehicles in case of a single charging station.

Those electric vehicle charging stations in Pennsylvania state parks charge plug-in hybrid or full electric-powered cars. The stations can charge a vehicle to a full charge after two and half hours up to seven hours.

Those charging points at Presque Isle would attract more electric vehicle drivers and ease overcrowding at one charging station. By doing so, the environment would be protected, and you will get the freedom to park the car at your favorite beach. You can also enjoy other services like swimming, recharge while doing your activities. Your car’s charge will be complete by the time you are done with your leisure activities. Such amenities attract more customers.

Each one of the Presque Isle State Park has four charging stations with two plug-ins. Two stations are situated at Tom Ridge Environmental Center. Those visiting the park can only have access to one charging station, found at Presque Isle Marina.

Greene stated that $120,000 was used to cater for designing, purchase, installation, and labor in the setting up of those charging stations. A&MP Electric Inc., of Guys Mills in Crawford County, helped install the charging points. The venture deals with electrical work in industrial, electrical construction, and repair. The organization has worked hand in hand with DCNR during the Pennsylvania electrical vehicle charging station’s fixation.