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LG going to introduce its new flagship phone ‘Velvet’

LG’s new flagship phone going to release in the market next month, with the name ‘Velvet’ as per the company’s announcement. The phone was first featured in an image clarification last week.

The company mentioned; the Smartphone has a ‘falling raindrops’ design having three rear cameras and an LED flash located in descending order by its size. Also, the sides of the new model uniformly curving.

The Korean company is yet to announce the new model’s official specifications. However, it said to be a ‘mass premium’ handset at an affordable price competing with other flagship phones.

The company said it will no longer use brand G further with flagship phones, the following Velvet as a unique brand. The new branding casts present trends directing the extraordinary taste and emotion of an individual with a better significant design.

The vice president Mr. Chang Ma said the new model will have a more innate approach attracting customers and building a fair brand identity. The brands G and V introduced in 2013, and 2015 respectively. The last renewal V60 ThinQ released in March for the US and European markets.

LG faces an undetermined second quarter because of the global Coronavirus pandemic leading to factory shutdown, and plummet in sales.

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