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Where to pre-order PlayStation 5?

PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment is a home video game console. It was announced in 2019 as the successor of PS4 and was released on November 12, 2020, in Japan, North America, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore. Worldwide released followed a week later. It is part of the ninth generation of video game consoles with two models. A base model and a digital edition and introductory prices for the base are US $499 and digital edition US $399. 

PlayStation 5 pre-order –

Gammers are looking desperately from where they can buy PS5 after supplies ran dry in November. The stock could be delayed and available next week as GameStop takes pre-orders for consoles today. PS5 stock to be bagged on pre-order as advertised by them. The payments will be taken from today (11.Feb.2021), and PS5 will be delivered before the end of February. The priority issue order will be shipped by February 19 and other delivery methods by the 26th. Gamers can select their new Priority Insured delivery method in which if the order is lost in transit, then £50 will be given to them.

High Street giant GAME has the PS5 available to pre-order now on their website with the date of release as of February 26, 2021. According to the PS5 stock alert “over at Very, however, things are being kept hush and confusing.”

List of other sites where gamers can check for stock –

  • Sony: PlayStation 5, PS5 Digital Edition
  • Amazon: PlayStation 5, and PS5 Digital Edition
  • Walmart: PlayStation 5, and PS5 Digital Edition
  • Costco: PlayStation 5 Bundle
  • Target: PlayStation 5, and PS5 Digital Edition
  • Newegg: PlayStation 5 Bundle and PS5 Digital Bundle
  • Best Buy: PlayStation 5, and PS5 Digital Edition

Steps to be followed while buying PlayStation 5 –

  • Sign up for accounts with Sony and every retailer.
  • Gamers need to check is its Sony Direct Queue. The producer has a system where gamers can join a queue for a chance to buy a PS5.
  • Gamers can check Sony’s Twitter Stock Alerts.
  • Focus on is the current Stock Trackers.


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