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SEAKR is the recipient of a $60 million DARPA deal for autonomous satellite operations demonstration

SEAKR Engineering was given a $60.4 million contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency on 12 March to build a data processing program for satellites that can function autonomously. DARPA chose SEAKR, located in Centennial, Colorado, to create the artificial brain for the agency’s Blackjack satellite network in the year 2019. Work must be finished by March 2022 under the new deal.

In 2018, DARPA launched the Blackjack program in an attempt to show how small satellites in the low Earth orbit would provide services including communications, missile warning, as well as navigation. SEAKR is working on the Pit Boss artificial intelligence program, which will allow the Blackjack constellation to function independently.

Pit Boss is expected to deploy an on-orbit technology demo in 2021, according to DARPA. If the program works, it will enable more data to be processed in space and reduce the time it takes for data to be sent to military users around the world. The total number of satellites in the Blackjack constellation is expected to be about 20. Blue Canyon Technologies so far has received ten orders from DARPA. Raytheon is supplying infrared missile warning sensors. The satellite integrator has been chosen as Lockheed Martin.

SEAKR is a leading provider of innovative, cutting-edge spacecraft electronics, focusing on the design and manufacture of highly specialized systems such as Modems, Digital Channelizer/Beamformers, Software-Defined Radios, Modular Command, High-Performance Payload Processors, and Data Handling Systems, Solid State Recorders, as well as Mod-Mesh ®-a Space VPX architecture.

They employ validated radiation reduction techniques that have gained them the title of “first to launch” on several commercial systems in many orbits. They have over 30 years of experience fielding increased-performance space-borne electronics for various spacecraft platforms as well as manned space.

SEAKR’s goods have traveled to Jupiter and are now orbiting the earth on the International Space Station. Their electronics assist in the exploration of the Earth’s atmosphere as well as the relay of vital environment and operational weather data for global change analysis. They are facilitating data collection about fresh planet creation in our solar system as a component of NASA’s JUNO mission.

They assist in the safety of people both at home and abroad, in addition to space exploration. Their efforts collectively reinforce US intelligence by relaying weather, international mapping, as well as image storage information. They take great pride in both their work as well as their goods as they defend their country. SEAKR is proud to contribute to the betterment of the United States. By progressing space-based electronics abilities, the combat network can be improved. SEAKR continues to collaborate with other market leaders in establishing global satellite communications networks as private space exploration financing evolves.