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The SATMED telemedicine project has extended its scope thanks to SES and Luxembourg

The Luxembourg government and SES have agreed to extend the scope of the SATMED telemedicine program beyond 2024. SATMED is a satellite-based network that links physicians and nurses in distant areas to the outside medical environment, enabling them to utilize the platform’s cloud-based software for e-training, simulated appointments, medical data management, and recording, and video conferencing.

In collaboration with NGOs, this project has been implemented in ten locations throughout Asia and Africa. Recently, SATMED collaborated with the NGO German Doctors to help Covid-19 answer in a remote hospital in Sierra Leone, as well as in floating hospitals in the remote areas of Bangladesh through NGO Friendship.

The latest SATMED deal between the Luxembourg Government as well as SES would improve access to healthcare for all populations by offering telemedicine resources to health personnel in resource-poor countries, in accordance with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Via collaboration with participating organizations, the SATMED app is expected to expand to reach more people.

SATMED is an entirely managed service provided by SES Techcom, with networking provided by the SES satellite fleet as well as cloud applications and encrypted backups hosted in a protected data center in the EU.

The Luxembourg Minister in charge of the Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, Franz Fayot, commented on the development, saying, “Luxembourg’s SATMED telemedicine network has been offering vital assistance to health personnel since the Ebola epidemic in 2014, and it remains to do so throughout the Covid-19 crisis.”

Telemedicine is an essential component of Luxembourg Development Cooperation’s tactical thinking on how to use the opportunities that digitalization provides in this area, mainly to help regional development programs and humanitarian operations. Today’s extension comes at a perfect moment. Not only will the dedicated Covid-19 task forces need stable access and cloud telemedicine resources, but they are often essential for the continuation of other critical health facilities such as appointments with physicians in other countries, surgeries, X-Ray data collection, and much more.

SES Techcom’s Managing Director, Alan Kuresevic, said, “Our near working partnership with stakeholders helps us to improve the product to optimize its advantages for end-users continuously.” Since we are developing modern, interoperable technologies and standardization in line with globally accepted classifications as well as medical data handling, SATMED’s latest technical innovations would further accelerate their function. They use SES’s most innovative industry-leading technologies for satellite-enabled broadband networks to bring SATMED and its cloud software to remote locations.